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The World Inside
July 2, 2001
it was so great to see The World Inside play again.  if only the PreCornerstone folks had allowed them to play more than three songs.  but what they did play was incredible.

these 4 guys are amazing.  they didn't have their own spot/s at Cornerstone, but they did play with a number of bands during the course of the week.  probably they played more than anyone else did at the entire festival!  here is a list of all the shows that one or more of them were involved in:
PreCornerstone: 7 head division, The World Inside, Miranda Stone.
Cornerstone:  poor old lu (2x's), Dirt, Mike Knott (2x's), M.G. the Visionary (2x's), miranda stone, Stickman Jones.  and i know they turned down at least one other opportunity to play.  i don't know how they do it....

sorry for the lack of pics of the 7 head guys - i took more pics of them during their set...  :-)
and another apology for the poor quality of these pics.  one of these days...

jesse sprinkle - vocals, guitar

brian moore - guitar

joel votaw - bass

if you look closely you can see andy in the background! :-) 
it was impossible lighting..

andy king - drums