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July 2, 2001
PreCornerstone was kind of like Cornerstone - wonderful and horrible all at the same time.  it gave my friends, Trilisa and Quin, and me a taste of what it would be like to wade through other bands (some good/some bad, some we'd heard of/some we'd never heard of/some we wished we'd never heard of).  and whetted our whistles for wanting to take outstanding concert photos.  if only the lighting had been agreeable all night, and if only the 2 bands we most wanted to see had been able to play their full sets.

we came to PreCornerstone for many reasons:
1.  because we needed to go ahead and get to Cornerstone and set up camp
2.  to meet another common friend (or three)
3.  to see 2 awesome bands in their own sets, playing their own songs:
     (The World Inside and 7 Head Division)

and the neat thing was 7 Head Division and The World Inside both had later in the day spots.  unfortunately the guys running the show were sticklers to time, and skimped on the later bands.  ah well...  we live.

but anyhow - the links to the left are the bands i managed to take photos of that day.  click each pic to view more photos from each show.  enjoy!

(these aren't all the bands that were there - just the ones i took photos of)

(p.s.  here's some more info on the trip and the day and people.  i ventured to precornerstone with my friend, Quin, as my navigator and co-pilot.  he helped direct the way to a McDonalds in Peoria, where we met up with our friend, Trilisa.  from there the three of us caravaned the semi-short distance to Bushnell - to sign in for duty as Cornerstone Volunteers, and find a place to camp amidst the already chaotic crowd that had descended upon the grounds.  we found a small spot to camp, and a place to park one of our cars, and we headed back out into the "real world" to the PreCornerstone show - about 40 min. away.  our main goal of the night, other than enjoy the 2 main concerts we came to view, was to find 3 fellow zonies = people that attend a poor old lu discussion zone.  by the end of the evening we managed to find 2 out of the 3 zonies, as well as take countless trips to the The World Inside/7 Head Division merch table, bugging Jesse, Brian, Andy and Joel.  in addition i managed to run into an old friend that i volunteered with at a local concert venue for over a year.  small world and only the beginning of random run-ins with people i knew or recognized.  weird...)


Havalina Rail Co.


Seven Head Division

Miranda Stone

The World Inside